Genius Practitioner Training

Practitioner Level training is designed to deepen your skill level as a quantum biofeedback practitioner. Combine the very best in strategies and protocols with the essential concepts of holistic health. All courses are taught Dr. Ariel Policano, a naturopathic doctor. See current Practitioners at our Practitioner Website.

You can see the libraries included in Practitioner Level Trainings here:
Practitioner Levels - Library List

Practitioner Certification Level 1 - Learn Strategies and Protocols for your Genius Practice. Includes energetic food allergy testing process and Brain Protocol for non-verbal, autistic and ADD children. Feel confident in your abilities in your practice! Includes special libraries that are related to topics for this course. Begin this course for just $797. Complete Level 1 and get listed on our Practitioner Directory Website.

Cancer and Complex Cases (Level 2) - Have you ever wondered what causes cancer? What helps people to heal from cancer? What about complex cases? How do you work with the Genius when people have many issues including fatigue, sleep issues, food allergies, hormonal imbalances and more? Get the powerful information you need to help people around. Begin this course for just $797

Hormones, Thyroid and Adrenals (Level 3) - Hormonal Balance and Biofeedback. Learn the secrets to hormonal balance (includes thyroid, adrenals, estrogen and progesterone balance). Learn to use with the Genius. Includes special libraries created just for this course. Begin this course for just $597

Digestive Health Now

Healing Digestion and Bloat (Level 4) - Solve Digestive Issues, including bloating, leaky gut, food allergies and more! Understand how to resolve these issues along with the Genius. Includes special libraries created just for this course. Begin this course for just $597

Weight Loss & Blood Sugar Balance (Level 5)- What are the true keys to lasting weight loss? How can someone correct Diabetes Type 2 or prevent it? What is the best way to balance blood sugar? Understand how to use with the Genius with these issues. Includes special libraries created just for this course. Begin this course for just $597

Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites & Lyme (Level 6) - Do viruses exist? What in reality are they? How do they spread? How do we clear parasites? How do we heal Lyme disease? Is the cause of chronic fatigue actually Epstein Barr Virus? Learn how to work with these issues on your Genius. Begin this course for just $597

Blood Pressure, Cholesterol & Heart Wellness (Level 7) - Learn the effects of blood pressure medications and cholesterol-lowering medications and how to use the Genius to harmonize heart stress disturbances. Begin this course for just $597

Hashimoto's, MS & Autoimmunity (Level 8)

​Hashimoto's, MS & Autoimmunity (Level 8) - Autoimmunity - Understand the root cause of autoimmunity and what frequencies to use to clear the stress disturbance with this powerful series! Autoimmunity - Begin this course for just $597

Bundle Together for Incredible Value!

Levels 1-8 - Get ALL Levels of our Biofeedback Skills Series including Levels 1 - 8 for the best price of the year! Save $2600+ with this exciting bundled deal! All Levels Now, The tuition for the Levels 1-8 total is $4497 for the bundle, or you can do payments as low as

Levels 3-8 - Get Levels 3-8 Special Bundle Deal. If you did these levels separately, it would normally be $3582 for all the levels. With the bundle you can get Practitioner Levels 3-8 for just $2997! Start your Practitioner Level training today.

What Our Practitioners Say

"These Certifications changed my life. I use my Genius way more effectively, but I have also learned the important concepts for permanent weight loss and hormonal balance. Amazing courses!"

-Deanna S, Ann Arbor, MI

"A bloated belly was my norm! Until I took these classes, I could not quite master my own health. Like having a personal natural doctor that explains everything in simple, easy to understand terms. I love these classes and the combination with the Genius!

- Diana J, Austin, TX

"I wanted to learn the principles of natural health so I could really be empowered in my own life. These courses are amazing and love that they help me to use the concepts on my Genius!"

-Mary C, Seattle, WA