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What: Genius Learning Intensive

When: September 7th-9th

10am-12pm PDT/1pm-3pm EDT

Where: Worldwide Online Event!

Hosted by: Dr. Ariel Policano

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This includes step by step guidance for:

  • Sleep
  • Energy
  • Calming
  • Focus
  • and much more!

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Manifest Your Dreams: Our cutting edge system amplifies the power of your wishes

Genius Biofeedback Meridians

The Genius Biofeedback system uses your voice and picture to assess your vibrational frequency. It then compares your frequency to other frequencies within the software and makes you aware of energies you are most resonating with today. You can run frequencies with intention to create anything. All life around us is influenced by frequency. When running these specific frequencies, it helps to move people in the direction of their dreams.

Using your voice and picture, the Genius Biofeedback connects you to a vehicle to broadcast your intentions and manifest your dreams. The frequencies also reduce stress disturbances. Results reported by users include improved sleep and more sharpness, mental clarity and productivity. A special voice engine and Schumann Resonance frequencies make it all possible. Begin testing yourself right away on our FREE version and experience the difference it makes.  See more at

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Get every tool you need for the best success, including our:

  • Genius Software with ALL future updates
  • Comprehensive Training Program including videos and book
  • Free Orientation with a live trainer online
  • Ongoing support and weekly training
  • Frequency Programs for Wellness in these areas: Adrenal, Thyroid, Hormones, Microbiome, Weight Loss, Heart Health, Addiction and so much more! 
Genius Biofeedback App
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She created her dream biofeedback business from her kitchen table

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  • Marilyn Vega is a healer and got her Genius in 2019. Within 6 months, she generated 20 regular subscribers that get Genius Frequencies from her every week. See more experiences at
  • Today, she has 30 subscribers yielding her an average income of $4000-5000 per month.
  • Her work is done with remote sessions from her home. She promotes her business with weekly emails and live demonstrations right from her kitchen table, which is her home office in beautiful Puerto Rico.
Genius Biofeedback

Broadcast Your Intentions 

You know that creating the life you truly want to create is possible. But how? Choose the specific frequencies from the Genius as a way to create the world you want around you. Use scalar broadcasting to amplify and entrain these special energies. 

"I could feel the Genius on me. My sleep improved and I had so much greater energy during the day. I am grateful such a tool is available at a time when we truly need this!" Mary S - Fort Lauderdale, FL